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As IT and business professionals begin to better understand and manage the “three Vs” of Big Data, (volume, velocity, and variety), they’re starting to place more emphasis on the importance of business intelligence in creating greater value out of corporate data and making smarter business decisions. And with more widespread use of predictive analytics, these companies are able to spot new ideas and innovations sooner.


The best alternative for an increasing number of enterprises has been to deploy virtual desktop solutions, which aims at capitalizing on improved manageability and stronger protection of corporate data. For many IT decision makers, however, there is a certain amount of disappointment regarding expected ROI gains that have yet to materialize with VDI. Yet, without a robust VDI environment, how can enterprises economize on hardware refreshes, tightly manage security, and fuel greater worker productivity? This is one of the central questions we will address during our special InformationWeek Executive Event, The New Workspace: Where BYOD is Going Next”.  Our event is specifically designed to closely examine, and debate, the merits of the various options such as VDI and Microsoft’s Windows To Go to ‘outfit’ a mobile enterprise worker.


For years, enterprise security defenses have been focused on attacks that were widespread but not very selective in their targets. Viruses, worms, botnets, and other malware dominated the threat horizon. Today, however, attacks are becoming much more sophisticated. Attackers – including nation-states, hacktivists, and organized cyber criminals – are honing in on the organizations and enterprises that have the data they want, and launching complex exploits designed to fool employees and crack the most sensitive systems.

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InformationWeek breaks out its crystal ball to focus on the top challenges facing IT in 2014 and beyond – and to offer expert insight into how to best meet those challenges. So whether you’re struggling with Big Data performance, experiencing high anxiety about securing a rapidly proliferating portfolio of mobile apps, or just trying to keep your storage costs under control, this is the one event you won’t want to miss. You’ll also have a great opportunity to network with peers who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that you are.

DevOps – Your Software Advantage

At this event you’ll get tips for successful Agile adoption, techniques for extending Agile practices to large and distributed teams, and practical guidance on how to effectively scale Agile to address issues such as regulatory compliance, outsourcing, and complex multi-platform and embedded systems development.


For these events, InformationWeek has targeted the top minds on data center issues that include consolidation and cloud computing; energy efficiency and facilities management; resiliency and disaster recovery. From expert panelists to case-study presenters, these speakers come armed with a plethora of knowledge that will reshape your thinking about how to empower the data center.
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